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Titulo del libroMÁGISSA (English Edition)
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Witches of Eastwick; Broom-Hilda: Folklore; Bruxo: Spanish translation of “warlock” Kijo: Japanese; Mágissa: Greek; Magjistare: Albanian; Majo: Japanese  View of The Symbolism of the Exotiká | Semiotic Review This story from Kozani gives one version of how this came to be:.. of the Kaguru: Some Thoughts on Tricksters, Translation and Comparative Analysis.. Note that in most parts of Greece a mágissa is a mortal sorceress while for Asia Minor  Magissa | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Etymology Edit. [view · edit · purge]The name Magissa comes from the Greek μάγισσα mágissa, meaning "sorceress" or "witch". Magissa in the iOS version. The girl with the Harley Quinn tattoo (Jamie bower Campbell ...

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