Dpropriétairer (Luxembourgish Edition)

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Titulo del libroDpropriétairer (Luxembourgish Edition)
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Welcome to DesignSpark the home of our engineering community. Here you will find resources and tools to aid engineers in their design process... Luxembourgish | Definition of Luxembourgish at Dictionary.com Luxembourgish definition, a Germanic dialect that is the native language of most of the people of Luxembourg. Luxembourgish - Apertium Luxembourgish (Wikipedia: Luxembourgish Language) is a Moselle Franconian variety of West Central German that is spoken mainly in Luxembourg. About 400,000 people worldwide speak Luxembourgish. Missing Luxembourgish expression / fehlender luxembourgischer...

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Learn Luxembourgish at Prolingua Language Centre Do you want to learn Luxembourgish or improve your level? We offer group courses on our premises and tailor-made courses in your company, or remotely. Luxembourgish - Wiktionary (UK) IPA(key): /ˈlʌksəmˌbəːɡɪʃ/. Luxembourgish (not comparable). Of, from, or pertaining to Luxembourg or its people. Of or in the language of Luxembourg (derived from the Central Franconian group of High German dialects). Luxembourgish.

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