José Parlá Segmented Realities

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Titulo del libroJosé Parlá Segmented Realities
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José Parlá's charged abstraction has a language of its own. The artist's physically intense work translates his lived autobiography into grand histories with a remarkable capacity to share universal narratives written in his abstract calligraphic style and woven into the complex textured surfaces of his works. Upcoming: Jose Parla - "Segmented Realities" @ The Standard ... Starting on this Thursday, the Standard Hotel on The High Line will be be hosting new work from Jose Parla. Segmented Realities will be the Brooklyn-based artist's first outdoor installation in New York and will consist of three two sided sculptural paintings that mirror the crumbling, graffiti covered walls that he sees and often documents on his travels.

Aug 04, 2015 · José Parlá’s first New York City public art installation was unveiled last Thursday at The Standard, High Line . Previously shown at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, it is titled “Segmented Realities,” and consists of three large-scale painted walls. José Parlá Segmented Realities ARTBOOK | D.A.P. 2015 Catalog ... Based on an exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Segmented Realities compiles a group of five paintings and ten sculptural paintings by Cuban-American painter José Parlá (born 1973). Each of the works suggest fragments salvaged from urban sites that have experienced social upheaval and transformation; like his segments of walls in Havana, New York, London or the Berlin Wall, Parlá's sculptures bear witness to the waves of history inscribed on their surfaces, told in the poetic ... José Parlá to Bring Sculptural Paintings to the High Line ... Jul 24, 2015 · In the 1990s, when the High Line was an abandoned and derelict railroad, José Parlá used to sneak up onto the train tracks to take photographs that he called “memory documents.” Now visitors ...

31 Jul 2015 The ever-artistic Highline became even more colorful last night, July 30, as The Standard, High Line unveiled a new installation by Jose Parla. interview | josé parlá – Schön! Magazine 15 Aug 2015 Artist José Parlá has spent most of his life travelling the world and Jose Parla installation, Segmented Realities, Standard Hotel Plaza,  Previews: Jose Parla – “Echo Of Impressions” @ Ben Brown ... 30 Aug 2018 Previews: Jose Parla – “Echo Of Impressions” @ Ben Brown Fine Art Setup: Jose Parla – “Segmented Realities” @ High Museum of Art. Three Sculptures by José Parlá Move Are On View at New ... 30 Jun 2015 Brooklyn-based artist José Parlá installs three hulking sculptures “Segmented Realities,” are meant to evoke the graffiti-covered walls of 

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